I started my career in the sign business when I was 22 years old working for a Master Sign Painter
by the name of Clay Allen, owner of Allen Signs. It was only fitting to work for Clay since my Father was a
part-time Sign Painter (His full-time job was an Electrical Engineer for the Boeing Company), my Mother was a Commercial Lettering Artist before becoming a Home Maker, and my Uncle owned Burien Sign Company.
My Uncle was also a Master Sign Painter and Showcard writer. I guess you could say lettering was definetly in my genes.
After working there for five years, Clay shut down Allen Signs to pursue other ventures. Since that time I have worked at various sign shops.

In 2003 after completing my first type face, I realized that I wanted to devote my life to being a full time
Lettering Artist and Typeface Designer.
I love Hand lettering. It is a deep fascination that has intrigued me since walking into Allen Signs 15 years ago.

In 2007 I started Borges Lettering & Design. A Hand Lettering, Type & Graphic Design Studio.
I am also in the process of starting my paper sign and banner business on the side for fun.
No computers. Just me,
my showcard paint and brushes!

Here are some signs that I have done in my past and present.
Unfortunately I did not take a lot of pictures during my career in the sign business.